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Dear Students and Parents

A Warm greetings on the advent of the new session.

“Education is that coat of human on the man to make man human. The better he gets educated the better human he becomes.”

To develop this school as the “Centre of Excellence “ all the prime stake holders i.e. Management ,Principal, Vice Principal and Teachers of AA has come up well to serve in a systematic and skilled manner to impart quality education and to achieve the set objectives of the school i.e academically sound students to be able to face future challenges to cope with personal goals, with a vision to serve for the well being of the society too.

School is working continuously for the development of communicative skill, student centric- out come based education with moral & ethical values. Setting the correct bench mark for children of all the levels enlightening the students about the current socio-economic situation and national issues and their role as just citizen,understand the future challenges.

I appreciate all the team members who contributed for the development of the school program. I sincerely believe that the parents too put their best efforts for the development of their wards.

Dear students this handbook is your guide, for your all round development and to facilitate your learning and make your school a pleasant place of learning.Understand the guide lines and practise in your life in school and even there after.We work for each and every child of the school. As mentors we need to contribute quality components in humanizing  man. So let’s march ahead together.


God Bless You.

Mrs. Basanti Bisht