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Transport – The school has buses for transporting children safely from home to school and back. The bus route can be obtained from the office. school bus will pick up the students at the stop fixed by the school authorities.

House System –   The school is divided into four houses. Each house is under the charge of a House Master. House captains and student’s body who are responsible for House activities and discipline.

The primary objectives of the House system are :-

  • To give adequate opportunity to the children to discover themselves in terms of leadership quality, latents talent, aims and ambitions.
  • To develop healthy competitive attitude.
  • To inculcate the feeling of a family.
  • To Maintain the relationship between the teacher and the student outsidethe classroom environment.

Extra Curricular Activities – The school offers a wide range of co curricular activities as an integral part of school curriculum. The school organizes various activities, function festivals and celebrations at regular intervals. The purpose is to tap hidden potential of the students and provide them various fields and means of learning and expressions. all students earn essential skills through activities such as Music, Dance, Drama, and Role-play, Art and Craft, Reading and Community Service.

Guidance and Counselling –   The school provides counselling to the students to look after behaviour, problems, & difficulties of students of Primary, Middle & Senior section. This will also help the student to choose the right stream according to his/her capability and aptitude. Guidance and Counselling program promotes and enhances student learning and contributes towards making them confident , caring and responsible individuals .The program assists student to acquire and use life skills and focus on academic , career and personal / interpersonal development.